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Wierd disease they're bringing over here.


Home-mysterious disease at border and spreading into US. More on mystery disease.

Watcher Magazine mobile edition Mystery Disease. What have they done to us?

Recommended Reading Re: Disease disease


CHEMTRAILS - CONTRAILS blood components found in chemtrails

What is this mystery?


Immigrants Bring Weird Diseases weird disease in addition to resistant TB strain, tapeworms, fevers, whooping cough, diptheria, and other diseases almost eradicated in US.

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Americans do not like amnesty for illegals

Wrong to reward criminals for illegal acts ----------------------------------------------------------- AMERICANS DON'T LIKE THE SOUND OF 'AMNESTY' By Guy Taylor THE WASHINGTON TIMES ----------------------------------------------------------- President Bush's oft-stated claim that providing illegal aliens a "path to citizenship," such as by allowing them to pay a fine or prove long-term employment, isn't amnesty rings hollow for critics who see it as rewarding lawbreakers.

Political observers say disagreement over the very meaning of the word "amnesty" is fueling what was an already raging debate over pending immigration legislation.

The word "amnesty" carries a certain "radioactivity," says pollster John Zogby.

"Why? Simply because Americans favor playing by the rules," he said. "Anything that sounds illegal, unfair, it's tantamount to using steroids to hit home runs or to win a marathon. When the word amnesty comes up it means condoning actions of people who are not playing by the same rules."

Most dictionaries define amnesty as a pardon granted by government to someone who has committed a political offense or broken a law.

The president has repeatedly asserted that illegal aliens should not be given amnesty, "an automatic pass." But Mr. Bush has suggested some form of quid pro quo for productive illegals now in the United States.

"There ought to be a way for somebody to pay a fine or learn English, or you know, prove that they've been here for a long time working and be able to get in line, not the head of the line, but in the back of the line in order to become a citizen," Mr. Bush said Tuesday.

Opponents disagree, saying what the president has described is equal to simply overlooking the offense of entering the U.S. illegally. The fear, according to some, is that such a move would result in a repeat of 1986 when President Reagan approved the last amnesty, which allowed 2 million illegals to become residents.

"It worked so badly that we can't even use the word anymore," said Robert Rector, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation. He said many more people claimed the right than expected.

As part of a quid pro quo, the 1986 law provided amnesty and carried new penalties for employers found to have hired illegals. The problem, according to Mr. Rector, is that "the second part of the thing never happened."

"Conservatives supported it in '86 because they felt they were going to get a secure border in exchange for amnesty," he said. "It's exactly the same type of fraudulent deal that we're being offered now."

White House spokesman Tony Snow says the establishment of benchmarks for illegals to be given an opportunity for citizenship ensures it is not amnesty.

"In this particular case ... the president is taking issue with the description of amnesty, for a pretty good reason. He said you will pay fines. You will have a criminal penalty. You will also have to pay taxes.

"You will also have to keep your ... nose clean: you can't break the law. ... And when all of that is done, you get to go to the back of the line."

The emotional nature of the disagreement among conservatives was shown clearly by a Zogby International poll last month, which found that just 13 percent of Republicans said they supported amnesty and 76 percent said they opposed it.

Mr. Zogby noted yesterday that he gets different responses to polls based on the words he uses.

"I get a different response when I use the term guest worker versus when I use the term illegal alien," he said. "Americans are more willing to accept guest workers if that's how they are portrayed, than to accept illegal aliens if that's how they're portrayed."

While the battle over who should be allowed to settle in the United States reaches back to the nation's beginning, this fight over "amnesty" and whether to grant it flat out, partially or at all to people who sneak into the country illegally is fairly new.

A law granting amnesty to political asylum seekers was passed in 1980, but it wasn't until 1986 -- with the number of illegals flowing in from Mexico on the rise -- that the Simpson-Rodino Bill, or Immigration Reform and Control Act, granted amnesty to all undocumented residents who could prove continuous residence in the United States since 1982.

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Immigration, Legal Groups Rebuff Mexican Lawsuit Threat -- 05/18/2006

Monday, May 15, 2006 - Dobbs: Radical groups taking control of immigrant movement - May 1, 2006
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radicals take control of illegal immigrant movement
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NRO Article - A Day Without an Illegal Immigrant

I found an article by Tom Tancredo at National Review Online:

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Forwarded from Old war haunts debate between Mexico, U.S.

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Old war haunts debate between Mexico, U.S. MEXICO CITY -- More than 1 million migrants flood into the United States each year across a border cutting straight through what once was Mexican territory, a touch of history that haunts the immigration debate 158 years after the land changed hands.

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'NBC 4 - News - Van Full Of Immigrants Goes On Wild, Wrong Way Ride In San Diego'

"NBC 4 - News - Van Full Of Immigrants Goes On Wild, Wrong Way Ride In San Diego"

With no concern for the lives and safety of the American citizens they threaten, their only care is to avoid capture and get sent back to Mexico. They know that if they do get sent back, all they do is bust a U and instantly re-enter the U.S. to continue their criminal activity. So they risk murdering and maiming innocents just so they don't receive a temporary set back. Shows how much they care about our country and how badly the truly 'Want to be citizens". Yeah, when pigs grow wings and fly.

the link: Article: Backlog at borders, cracks in the system

Backlog at borders, cracks in the system A crackdown at the U.S.-Mexico border has increased the number of arrests of illegal immigrants, but tens of thousands of non-Mexicans continue to be released into the United States because there is no place to hold them, according to experts and immigration officials


Poll: Wide Support for National Guard Border Plan

Comments: most americans favor guarded border

Poll: Wide Support for National Guard Border Plan

A Time magazine poll taken last month shows that Americans overwhelmingly favor deploying the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexican border - an idea that is expected to be the centerpiece of President Bush speech to the nation on immigration reform Monday night.

62 percent of those surveyed told Time that they would back a plan to militarize the border. Just 35 percent opposed.

56 percent told Time that they would favor building a wall across the entire U.S.-Mexican border - not the just 700 miles of fencing proposed in a plan passed by the House in December. Only 40 percent opposed.

Asked if President Bush should take "whatever steps [are] necessary to guard the border,"71 percent of Republicans said yes, along with 54 percent of Democrats.

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Forwarded Article: Hispanic American Coalition Says 'No' to Amnesty

Comments: Hispanic Americans say "No!" to amnesty for illegals; more loyal to America than to ethnicity, more loyal to America than many Anglos.

Hispanic American Coalition Says 'No' to Amnesty

This article originally appeared at

A coalition of Hispanic Americans is teaming up with U.S. House leaders in sending a letter to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., to express their opposition to legislation that would grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

The coalition, called You Don't Speak for Me!, was formed after the recent demonstrations by illegal aliens and their supporters who want the government to grant them amnesty.

"When it comes to immigration policy, the United States Senate apparently doesn't speak for anyone, except the people who have broken our laws and cheap labor business interests," retired Col. Al Rodriguez said in a press release.

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