Tuesday, February 28, 2006




"They're just seeking a better life" Who wouldn't like for a bunch of dumb asses to support them? The "dumb asses" who support these criminals would like a better life, too and have their tax money go to America and Americans, not a bunch of illegals. And America's working poor would like to have their jobs back that these slime balls stole from them by undercutting the pay accepted. The illegals pile up in hordes in a single apartment or dwelling so it doesn't matter that they each work for a pittance; whereas Americans try to live normally as a family. Or the illegals blood suck the taxpayers and steal benefits like food stamps, subsidized housing, medical care, school lunches and supplies and even school clothes - so with the stupid gringos paying for all that, they can take their earnings to live high on the hog. Plus the drug money they earn.
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