Wednesday, February 22, 2006


McCain: Bush Must Do More on Immigration

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Comments: McCain pushes for Guest Worker Plan

McCain: Bush Must Do More on Immigration

WASHINGTON -- President Bush needs to do more to help push a temporary guest worker program through Congress, Republican Sen. John McCain, the author of a key immigration bill, said Tuesday.

McCain, acknowledging that Bush has stepped up a campaign on behalf of the program, said the president has credibility on the issue because he was governor of Texas, the state with the largest border with Mexico.

"Would I want him to do more? From my perspective, probably," McCain said in a conference call with reporters.

McCain held the conference call in advance of town hall meetings in Miami on Thursday and New York on Monday.

The administration has toyed with the idea of a temporary worker program since Bush took office in 2001. But it was pushed to a back burner by the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, which triggered an outcry for a crackdown on immigration.

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The only place for "guest workers" are in the megacorporation agriculture fields where they have traditionally worked, instead of moving into mainstream, taking citizens' jobs, and blood sucking the taxpayers by availing themselves of benefits designated for America's poor.

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