Monday, February 13, 2006



OK, so I'm going to start this off with a red flag. A really volatile subject with strong feelings on both sides of the issue. ILLEGAL ALIENS - not undocumented immigrants - ILLEGALS. We will cut out the pc euphemisms and call it like it is. Illegals = criminals. They deliberately and knowingly break the federal laws of our country, sneak like all criminals do when they're breaking the law. ------------ The bleeding hearts coo that "they're just seeking a better life". All criminals are doing that. They do what they do because they're seeking a better life by their standards. The robbers and thieves are seeking more money and material goods, drugs, or what they expect to provide themselves with their ill gotten goods. Rapists do what they do, seeking a better life by gratifying their twisted desires and make themselves feel better and happier. Murderers kill. seeking a better life by accomplishing their goals in killing other people. No matter what the crime, the criminal commits the illegal acts in order to make his life better as he sees fit. --------------- "Seeking a better life" is no excuse. We have immigration quotas, including LEGALLY allowing citizens of other nations to immigrate here. These people do not even apply; they'd rather sneak in here like the thieves they are. And their government aids and abets them in their criminal activity. Fox has pamphlets printed up telling them the best ways and how to sneak in, where to find safe houses and sanctuaries that harbor these criminals. It instructs them where to go and how to defraud the stupid gringos to get housing, food stamps, medical care, school clothes and supplies, all paid for by digging their thieving hands deep into the taxpayers pockets . "Gratis, gratis," a fellow criminal assures them. -------------------- Free, free. But it isn't free - the American people pay for it. The monies that is supposed to go for American citizen poor, elderly and needy is stolen by the illegal aliens. Consequently the governing bodies cut benefits, cut benefits, cut benefits to try to make the money stretch. They lessen expenditures instead of denying these criminals benefits that they're not entitled to, instead of aggressively rounding them up and shipping them to the fartherest point of the country they came from. --------------------------- The bleeding hearts moan, "They take jobs no body else wants." Crapola. They take jobs at a lower pay than American citizens will slave for, and employers jump on it because they make greater profits by paying lower salaries, no benefits, no overtime. Greed. At a very upscale section of this huge metropolis you once saw African American yard men, nannies, cooks, chauffeurs, maid, housekeepers. Brown has replaced black in virtually every estate. Low skill jobs everywhere - service stations, car washes, kitchen help in dining establishments, janitorial workers, garbage collectors - black faces have been replaced by brown. Robbed of their livlihood, where do poorly educated blacks go? Usually on welfare - and once again the illegals have cost the taxpayers money. But business people and the elite profit. ---------------------------------- These myths that have been repeated as a mantra for so long and loud have sunk into the American subconscious until they have accepted it as gospel truth. Tell a lie long enough and loud enough and it will brainwash the people and they will believe. ------------------------ Illegals send over $30 BILLION to their home countries every year; half of that goes to Mexico alone. That is $30 BILLION taken out of our economy. )Plus what they steal in the form of welfare, food stamps, housing, schooling, medical service; added criminal activity causing losses to citizens, insurance companies; added policing costs; added prison costs to lock up the few felons we catch. -------------------------- Not to mention the diseases and parasites they bring here, many of which were virtually eradicated prior to the millions of illegals pouring in here; and some we never had here in the past. ----------------------------- The only people these thieving criminals benefit are the people who hire them at substandard wages, cutting American citizens out of jobs and swelling the profits and living standards of those who employ cheap labor. -------------------------- If they seek a better life, send them home to work to force their government to provide better for its citizens. Mexico is a nation very rich in natural resources. It CAN provide better lives for its citizens instead of just the corrupt few. But why should they, when they can encourage their people to sneak over here and blood suck off the stupid gringos.
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