Monday, March 20, 2006


Immigrant Children; America\'s Future

A Project of the Institute for America's Future

I thought you would be interested in this.

In particular, I thought you'd find the following item interesting: Horse apples! Regardless what the "laws" may be governing benefits for these criminal parents, they know how to circumvent the laws on drawing benefits just as they know how to sneak around the law about entering our country illegally. They suck the tax payers dry in every field that they can exploit. The US should immediately repeal the stupid law that makes citizens out of alien kid born here. That gives citizenship to millions who have no loyalty to the US. Many Mexican women sneak across the border to bear their babies just so they can be American citizens, then return to Mexico. A great many children who are born here by resident illegals still grow up with ties and loyalty to Mexico as they are immersed in the Mexican culture, brainwashed by their parents against the "gringos", and taken back to Mexico for frequent visits. Fox takes advantage of these American born, loyal Mexicans by giving them dual citizenship and then urging them to vote in American elections for candidates that will cater to Mexico. Little by little America is becoming a Mexican state.
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