Thursday, March 30, 2006




Yes, they work for less than minimum wage, no benefits, under unsafe conditions and create the same conditions for citizens. Employers want the illegals because hiring them cuts their overhead and therefore increases profits for them. And it cuts Americans out of work who can't compete with the bottom-of-the-barrel scrapings of the illegals. If Americans want to work, they have to accept the same conditions as do the illegals - and still get refused because employers figure an American won't put up with the b***s*** very long, nor be so easily intimidated.

So how do the illegals make a living, buy fancy trucks, vans and cars, homes, dress in name brand clothese, etc. on such a low wage. By robbing the taxpayers for one thing. Another is that until they get a stake built up, get settled in like a tick with its fangs buried into flesh, they pile up hordes of their kind in one house or apartment; if you divide the rent by 20 people, each person can easily pay their share on minimum wage. Eat beans and tortillas, a cheap meal. Or they quickly learn how to manipulate and defraud the system and they go on government subsidized housing (stealing apartments from American poor), enroll in the food stamp program (steal food that SHOULD go to American poor), free lunch programs at school for their children, free school clothes, free medical care (that should go to American poor and needy); in short, they learn how to steal more and more from the American taxpayer so all that they earn can go to upgrading their living standards.

So don't weep bloody tears for the poor "immigrant". These are not IMMIGRANTS!! They are ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS. Immigrants came to and entered this country LEGALLY. And for the totally asinine fools that say, "Oh yeah? What about the European colonials? They didn't come here legally!" Ofcourse not, you stupid twit! The land was unclaimed and there were no laws. The Native Americans, unfortunately, had no governmental bodies, no law about immigrants, no means of controlling the Euro invasion. We do, if we will just USE it.

And it is an invasion, with stealthy intent to occupy and conquer.

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