Sunday, April 09, 2006


AlterNet: Immigration 101

More on Illegals - from Molly Ivins, who ought to have better sense

------------------------------------- Immigration 101

Racists seem to think that illegal workers -- the hardest-working, poorest people in the US -- are getting away with something. --

They ARE - They're stealing from the American taxpayers at the rate of billions per year, plus taking billions out of the American economy by sending money to their home country. And yet manage to keep the bleeding hearts weeping bloody tears about the "humble", "poor" illegals. -----------------------------------

I was a bit confused by this post because I thought you were criticizing Molly for saying that the immigrants were stealing from taxpayers. From what I've read, many employers set up their illegal immigrant staff with tax and FICA accounts from which they never get refunds, or the old-ages benefits.

I have no idea about the details on how to set-up fake accounts, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens.

She also raises valid points about enforcing the laws in place for hiring illegal immigrants in the first place - as usual, an ounce of prevention is worth like 1000 chain-link fences worth of cure.
The idea of building a fence is just a joke
If you want people to come over and see what is on your blog then you should comment on as many blogs as kindly and nicely as you can. Otherwise people just dismiss you as a troll. And no matter how lonely you are it is no reason to lie about your words. That being said the internets anonminty is your friend and you can change your name anytime you want to make a new start. Personally I'm pissed as heck that you would do such a thing... it is beyond wrong and shows a vile lack of charater. I hope you will take the time to change your way of thinking and if you want the friends that worried and granny have then start by acting with the same moral strength that they got.
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