Sunday, April 09, 2006


AlterNet: The Sleeping Giant Reawakens

Sleeping Giant Awakes - to steal our nation

------------------------------------- The Sleeping Giant Reawakens

Shockwaves from the massive demonstrations in support of humane immigration reform will be dramatic. Some reporters claim the demonstrations are "spontaneous", not organized by activists. That is a lie.

Activists organized the demonstrations, had signs painted for the people to carry, and even bussed loads in to participate. Some whine that this nation was built by immigrants and sobbingly quote the inscription on the Statue of Liberty.

It is true that this nation was built by immigrants --LEGAL immigrants, not criminal scofflaws. -------------------------------------

Too bad whoever wrote the article quoted there doesn't understand that there's a difference between "illegal" and "criminal."

Well, until US laws change on that front, I suppose.

But it's true that there's organization behind the demonstrations - I read that the Catholic Church is among those organizing them, and why not? People are people no need to be so cruel. :(
Watch the videos below and read the articles about the demonstrations and find out what the REAL agenda is for these modern immigrant. They are not at all like the ones of old who came here, integrated and bedcame Americans.
These modern ones want to take our country. They have a twisted view of history and repeat it over and over until people begin to believe their lies.
It is true that the Spanish and Euros were cruel to the indigenoius people all over the continents, but history as they tell it is riddled with anti-white hate propaganda and lies.
I'd say history is probably equally biassed against everyone, if you have competent teachers and decent books.

That doesn't always happen, though - so check out these two books.

This guy's an interesting read - I read the first book but not (yet) the second.

As for integration issues, I have an understanding of the American way of thinking about it, but it is still a very foreign concept to me, since I'm from Canada. :)

When discussing the differences between Canadian and American attitudes, the term 'melting pot' is contrasted with 'tossed salad' to help explain our alternate approachs. It's still a very apt pair of terms.
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