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Adam of gave a link that ties in with my post below "Rusty Mason --Merging the US, Canada and Mexico." It is Re: Population control: Check Out also All of the above links are thanks to Adam. Adam's blog is apparently fairly new and he has some very good posts. They are well written and factual. Check him out.
Thanx for the welcome 'Action Now' !!!

I checked out those links and I found the urkunet one as well.
I may write somethng about DU at some point as there is alot of info out there.

Im glad you appreciate the articles!

yep Blog is new

I don't have many visitors, or at least not many (if any) commenters, but I do have lurkers (people that come and read but don't comment). I know, because some of them email me.

I know I get too carried away at times and get pretty radical, but I just get so mad. I live around the illegals and am involved in situations where I see first hand what happens, and it is not like presented in the media. It makes me furious when I see how they rob the taxpayers and our own poor have to do without as a result, then people defend them.
yea i know. its hard to get visitors and then they dont comment. you are not getting too carried away.

i know about the immigration especially when they wont intergrate they just form their own community. I mean some of them just hate everybody and can get away with anything.
Its like that in London anyway, which is why i left.

if you go and sign up at
you can get your traffic tracked, see who is on, from where etc.

take care
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