Wednesday, January 25, 2006



I opened this blog because I had a lot to say, but when it came time to write I froze up. Kinda like stage fright, I guess. So I've been cruising other blogs, observing their formats and writing styles, how they handle their blogs, and working out my own ideas. One of my favorites is 'Is America Burning'. I read them a lot and link over to their readers and see what they have to say and how they say it. I do like Is America Burning and agree with a lot of their opinions. Granny posts a lot but too often just links to someone else's articles. She hardly ever expresses her own thoughts and opinions. I'd like to hear more of how she thinks. Since so many people are short on time to cruise all the news that's out there, Granny provides a service by pointing them to good articles, but I'd still like to hear her thoughts on it. Worried presents links for her sources but she also writes a lot about how she feels about the subject. Sometimes her posts are kinda long. Boy, she does have a lot to say! If I'm real busy or short on time I have to leave her post and come back to finish it later. But I always do come back. I really like a lot of their commenters, too. They are not always about politics and that's nice. I wish Granny and Worried would post on other stuff once in a while. Granny has her other blog that she posts her family life on and it's good, but is usually about her great grandchildren and home life. I'm going to start posting here, now. I've waited long enough. I hope people will come to read me so I won't just be talking to myself. But at least I can vent and unwind here, whether or not any body else reads it.

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